Harvey Cazales
Stories, Scripts and Songs
Collection of stories,scripts and songs by myself and friends.
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Rock Bear Stories

1. Rock Bear in the Park
International recording star Rock Bear collides with a Fun Fair in the Park. He takes his skateboard on a Helter Skelter ride and gets more than he bargained for. (download here)

2. Rock Bear in the Caribbean
Rock Bear takes a vacation in the Caribbean and meets 'Rasta Bear'. It gives his music a new reggae beat. (download here)

3. Rock Bear and the Dolphin
Rock Bear finds an unusual sax player. A very fishy tale! (download here)

Peter the Penguin
Peter and his penguin friends get their revenge on some Antarctic research scientists.
Be prepared for some high jinks. (download here)

The Lost Mermaid
A beautiful young mermaid is washed up far from home. An unusual friend comes to the rescue. (download here)

Mickey the Monkey
Mickey, a pigtailed macaque monkey escapes from his cruel master in Phuket Thailand and finds a new friend and home by the sea.

Catherine's Cat
Catherine's cat is a mystery cat? Until one day his secret is revealed.   

The Chinese Egg
Susie Wong discovers a magical egg in a Chinese pet shop. She takes it home, but isn't prepared for what happens next?  (download here)

Paddy the Green Elephant
Paddy is a naughty elephant who lives in a tree-house in the West Indies. He finally sees the error of his ways. (download here)

Dan and the Dolphin
Dan draws a picture of dolphin, which comes alive. The dolphin takes him to a new undersea world and changes his life.

The Tiger and the Chimp
Tammy the tiger, meets Charlie the chimp at an unusual school in Western Australia. She misunderstands Charlie, but he proves her wrong.

The Mystery of the Naga
In Thailand there are legends of a gigantic crested serpent called the Naga. Tom Greedy, a famous television producer is sent to investigate and intends to explode the myth. Some things are unexplained and better left alone as Tom discovers.

Dolphin in New York (Extracts)
The ocean is being ruined by over-fishing and pollution. The dolphins decide it's time to act. They send Ceta Aquarian to New York to find out why. He is a transformed into a human and enjoys his new world.

Ceta meets Jules Stern, an environmental lawyer and learns the main offender is the ruthless Krahs White.  He is an ecological scourge, who is building underwater cities and training 'Soldier Dolphins and Sharks' to defend them. Helped by Joy Teriano, a newspaper journalist, Ceta discovers that White intends to destroy the ozone layer and melt the polar icecap.

Dionysus, a large pilot whale, is the president of the 'Dolphin Council'. King Orca of the killer whales is impatient and threatens to attack the humans. Dionysus sends Tursiops, a bottlenose dolphin, to warn Ceta. He is wounded by a shark, then captured and brain-washed by White's men on Long Island. Ceta helps him to escape and together they try to stop Krahs White.