Harvey Cazales
COOL CAT is a talent scout for Actors & Models in Asia
COOL CAT is a talent scout and publicist for Actors & Models in Asia

COOLCAT TALENT is a talent agency for Actors, Models & Musicians in Asia and Australia.

See http://twitter.com/COOLCATALENT


Will your next acting job, audition or music video casting call leave the kind of impression you want on an agent or director?

We can create a professional show reel DVD from your existing footage and pictures. Also insert video for pdf presentions so
they an be sent with your details by email.

We can help you with your portfolio and guide you to put your video on the internet.

We can create versions for Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Bebo etc or devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, TV, Mac, PC.

Please contact us for details

Harvey Cazales

*The logo is a painting called "Star Kitty" by the artist and musician Jamie Hayes from New Orleans. Buy a signed print @ www.jamiehayes.com
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